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Duramax Diesel Service Guide
Servicing the Fuel Injectors, Head Gaskets, Water Pump, and more!

This beautifully printed and perfectly bound full-size 8-½" x 11" volume includes complete instructions for replacing your engine's fuel injectors, head gaskets, water pump, and a range of other replaceable parts on your truck. This book, the - Duramax Diesel Service Guide - represents a collection of all of the most important Duramax and truck-related service information developed by The Diesel Page for the Duramax 6600 equipped trucks. Inside this brand new book you'll find 20 chapters and more than 256 color and B/W professional quality photos/graphics all printed on 120 high quality glossy pages.

If your Duramax 6600 powered truck needs a fresh set of head gaskets, the 40 hours of shop rate labor could very well push the cost of repair beyond $6,500. Doing the exact same repair yourself would reduce the cost to only a few hundred dollars. A similar savings can be realized when replacing the water pump and/or fuel injectors. This is why more of us are finding the will to work on our out-of-warranty trucks. In the end, doing the work yourself will provide far more value and truck performance/longevity than you could expect by hiring someone else to work on your Duramax.

Duramax Diesel Service Guide - Introduction

The information contained in this Service Guide is the result of our having owned a Duramax 6600 powered truck since December 2000. We toured the DMAX engine production facility in Moraine Ohio two separate times, and have had direct communication with GM Powertrain and Allison over a number of years. As a consequence of operating a web site and bulletin board forum, we have had discussions with GM certified and trained diesel mechanics from all across North America for more than 20 years, we have spent time in performance engine rebuilding shops, and of course we have communicated with countless other GM Duramax Diesel owners and potential owners from around the world.

Our goal here at was to produce an easy to read and understand Service Guide that goes far beyond what can be found in any other service manual. As good as they are, most service manuals were written by tech writers who likely never owned a Duramax powered truck, had never driven one and had never turned any wrenches on one. They worked from the theoretical. excels in this work because of the training and communication skills that have been honed through the years. Not only are we passionate Duramax enthusiasts, but our background in professional automotive writing, communication and photography make this Service Guide the best place for truck owners to learn how to perform their own service work.

Here in this Guide, practical hands-on information and individual aspects of engine problem diagnosis and repair include theory of operation which will help you understand why things work the way they do. Knowing the "how and why" of system operation will help a diesel owner analyze individual problems which will help owners just like you to find a solution - the best solution - one that is affordable and yet provides for a long-term repair. In addition to all of the information contained in this Guide, we also include our address, phone number and email address on the last page should you need an answer to a question not found within these pages. Who else does that?

Through the years, The Diesel Page has helped many tens of thousands of GM diesel owners perform their own diesel service work. We hope that those who feel they are equipped to tackle any of the projects discussed in this Guide will now have the confidence to move forward.
Thank you,

  • 3 - Duramax Diesel Service Guide - Introduction
  • 6 - Tools - Special Tools and Supplies
  • 11 - General Practices and Hacks
  • 15 - Head Gasket - Injector Replacement
  • 56 - Just Replacing the Injectors?
  • 59 - Duramax Injectors and Combustion Rattle
  • 61 - Diagnosing a Head Gasket Failure
  • 64 - Why Do Head Gaskets Fail?
  • 67 - Duramax Water Pump Replacement
  • 76 - Front Hub Bearing Assembly Replacement
  • 80 - NSBU - Neutral Safety Back-up Switch Replacement
  • 83 - 1999-2007 GMT-800 Power Window Regulator Replacement
  • 89 - MAF - Mass Air-Flow Sensor Service & Replacement
  • 92 - Battery Selection and Tray Maintenance
  • 95 - Duramax Intake Hose Replacement
  • 97 - GM Tailgate Service
  • 100 - Allison 1000 - Annotated Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • 106 - Duramax 6600 - Annotated Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • 112 - Engine Fastener Torque Specifications
  • 118 - Source Listing

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If you're looking to save money, do the job right the first time, or learn how to make your engine even more reliable, this new Duramax Diesel Service Guide, would be your best choice.

Duramax Diesel Service Guide: $89.95 + S&H - New for 2022!

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