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This page illustrates some of GM diesel vehicles Readers of the Diesel Page own or drive. This month's photo and story comes to us from member Dave Kuhn.
December 1998

1985 Chevy K-30 Military CUCV 1-1/4 T 4X4

Finally completed a monster rebuild project here in Maryland, and wanted to upload a pic to ya to work into your reader's truck section.. It's a 1985 Chevy Military CUCV K-30, equipped with a 6.2L 'J' engine. The engine has less than 5,000 miles on it as pulled from the truck prior to a body-off frame complete rebuild. I added a Banks Sidewinder Turbo system and 3" Banks exhaust from Diesel Injection Service in TX. The 4.56 gears and the Turbo make for UNGODLY torque and towing power from this beast. I added factory air conditioning and velour dash for the custom touch.

I have to say thanks much for all your help in providing me with the best in information on engine reconditioning before placement back into the chassis. I had to buy four of these trucks at a government auction in order to get my hands on it, but it's made spare parts sourcing very easy.

  • 6.2 L "J" series GM Diesel engine
  • Banks Sidewinder Turbocharger System
  • Banks 3" Constant Diameter Exhaust
  • Jet-Hot Metallic-Ceramic Coated Exhaust (from Turbo outlet flange thru to bumper)
  • TH-400 3 speed Automatic Transmission (didn't need a shift kit,already a neck snapper)
  • New Process NP208 Transfer Case
  • Limited Slip Front Differential-Dana Spicer Series 60 Axle
  • Detroit Locker Rear Differential-Chevrolet Corporate 14 Bolt rear axle-3.5"x14" Brakes
  • 4.56 Base gear ratio
  • Factory Air Conditioning pulled from a donor Suburban
  • 12 volt Starter-adapted factory wiring harness
  • Quadruple 800CCA batteries
  • Blackout Lighting System
  • Newer Integrated 12V GM Glowplug controller
  • 4" Suspension Lift Springs-front
  • 4" Custom Traction Lift- Rear
  • 33"x12.50R16.5" Dunlop Mud Rover Tires

Once again thanks for all the info over the last year and a half, and keep up the good work.

Dave Kuhn
Churchville, MD
Member # 327

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