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This page illustrates some of GM diesel vehicles Readers of the Diesel Page own or drive. This month's photo and story comes to us from member Tom Johansen.
September 1999

This is my 1988 Chevrolet Beauville G20 Van. I have owned it for two years, has 101,800 miles and it has PS/PB/PW/AC. The cruise control is not really necessary in Norway, no roads for it.

I use this car daily as an family car. I have 4 kids, who love to ride in this car due to all the space they have. Originally a 5-passenger version, I put in an extra seat from an Chevy Conversion van, so it now seats 9 comfortably, with enough space for two baby-trolleys without folding them together.

I must mention that the engine currently does not have a block heater installed. But, the engine will start at -15° C easily without any problems, as long as the batteries cope.

Driving this truck in the winter is no problem either. Normally, I use winter tread tires with studs. This allows me to go almost anywhere. When bad weather arrives, and road conditions (such as 25-45 cm with snow) deteriorate, I use heavy-duty tire chains, which improves the ability to drive through snow and ice. The 6.2 diesel is the perfect engine for this vehicle. This past winter I even towed several neigbors with the van (2WD!!!).

I am satisfied with the truck, now that I have become a member of the Diesel Page. This gives me more information on maintaining and servicing a diesel-powered truck. Not many mechanics in Norway are equipped to service or troubleshoot the diesel vehicles. There are a lot of dedicated GM-diesel owners in Norway, which is the most popular engine option on Chevy's and GMC's due to fuel costs. The most popular models are C/K pickups, Suburbans, Express and conversion van's, and the K5 Blazers and Tahoes.

Tom Johansen
Sandefjord, Norway
Member #1975

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