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This page illustrates some of diesel trucks and SUV's Readers of the Diesel Page own or drive. This month's photos and story come to us from member Patrick Allbritten.

1995 6.5TD Chevy K2500
June 2003

Here are some pics of my 1995 6.5TD Chevy K2500 (C6P - 8600-lb GVW) from yet another proud member of TDP. My name on the forum is Patrick M. I bought this truck a few years ago for a "song". I was not a diesel person at the time, and most people that I knew thought the 6.5 should be avoided. I bought it anyway, thumbing my nose at their opinions. I have always liked the truck, but after applying some of the improvements found on TDP, I love it. I have driven a couple of Ford Powerstrokes, and I dont think they want any of this. Thanks for the "Page", and thanks to all the members who share on the forum.

I am part owner of a wrecker service/auto repair facility. I often use my truck for equipment hauls out of town (although some of the equipment we haul is heavy enough for a wrecker). It has always done a good job, but with some loads, the highway over Monteagle mountain showed a need for some power improvements. When I got the truck it had around 135,000 miles and it was pure stock. I have since added a BD chip, built my own 3" exhaust, add the '97-up cooling package (it never had a cooling problem), new timing chain set, intercooler and boost control from Kennedy Diesel. It now has 175,000 miles on it, and handles Monteagle easily with a load.


During one on the last towing trips, I delivered a Massey-Ferguson tractor to a guy just east of Bristol, TN, on the northeast border. I suspect tractor, trailer, and equipment weighed about 4,800lbs, The truck delivered 14.5 mpg on the way up, 16.5 on the way back, quite an improvement from 2 yrs ago when my average fuel economy while running empty was 13-14. It is also my daily driver and i wouldn't take anything for it. While the original FSD module is still on the pump! An FSD cooler and new driver are on my "to do" list, even though I have not had a fuel problem to date.

Thank you for letting me share.

Patrick Allbritten
TDP Member #11252

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