Readers' Rigs
June 2006

The Readers' Rigs page illustrates some of diesel pickup trucks and SUV's members of The Diesel Page own or drive. This month's photos and story come to us from member Mark Bedry.

1994 GMC Yukon - 6.5L Turbo Diesel

Just thought I would send in a few photos of my truck for your Readers Rigs section. I love the page. I found this truck new for my mother when I was 16. I fell in love with it the first time the glow plug light went out and that beautiful diesel sound filled my ears.

After mom put on 280,000 Km (and a new engine at the tell tale 235,000K), my dad added another 50,000 km to it. Then it came into my possession - sort of, by becoming my wife's main mode of transportation. Buying my wife a shiny pre-owned 4-Runner last year finally made it all MINE!!

Some of the modification I have made are:

  • Upgraded 4L80E Transmission with custom torque converter and commercial clutches
  • Custom EEPROM from Wester's Garage in Tilley, Alberta
  • Heath Diesel Turbo-Master wastegate controller
  • Custom 3.5" turbo back exhaust system w/5" tip
  • K&N air filter
  • Auto-meter Pyro and Boost gauges
  • Home installed custom stereo (Because GM has no idea how to put in a decent sounding stereo)
  • Heated leather seats salvaged from a 95' Yukon GT

This truck has been through 4 different rivers, sunk to the frame in thick Alberta mud on numerous occasions, and performed numerous farm chores through the years. But mostly it has been the best commuter I have ever driven. After this many miles, the truck could use some new paint and chrome, but I guess that happens after 500,000 Km. I plan on driving this truck for as long as it will let me. I love it!

Mark Bedry
Calgary, Alberta Canada

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