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Drivetrain expert and author Jim Allen has teamed up with a leading drivetrain component supplier, Randy Lyman of Randy's Ring & Pinion, to produce a profusely illustrated and perhaps definitive book on the drive axle and differential. Coverage for 72 of the most popular axles & differentials are covered in the 366 page 8-1/2 x 11" book, which spans a wide range of application - including the sixties & seventies muscle cars, GM/Ford/Dodge pickups and a variety of off-road vehicles.




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"Differentials" will help you choose the most effective gearing and differential for your application, then show you how to correctly install these parts in your axle. Open differentials, spools, and a wide variety of locking differentials are all discussed in detail.




Since this web site focuses on the GM diesel light-trucks, I was particularly interested in the related GM front & rear drive axle information contained in this new book. I was not disappointed. Complete coverage for all of the front & rear drive axles used from the earliest 6.2L diesel powered pickup or SUV through to the latest Duramax powered GM diesel pickup is included. Not only are the ring & pinion and differentials discussed in detail, but you'll also find the procedures for replacing wheel seals and packing wheel bearings. The text on page 165 begins with, "The foundation for being a true gearhead begins here.... This is cornerstone info." I couldn't agree more!     TDP

The book,"Differentials", is available from, at Randy's Ring & Pinion web site or by calling Randy's at 1-866-631-0196. Suggested retail price - $29.95 U.S. ISBN-13: 978-1-4243-2661-7
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