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The information found in The Diesel Page® is intended to both entertain and inform. Much of the information contained in the various articles, columns and other web pages contain information that if improperly applied could result in damage to your vehicle, affect your warranty or affect vehicle emissions.

You should consult with your dealer service manager before making any modification to your "in-warranty" GM diesel truck or SUV. The addition of any aftermarket product or emissions system modification could affect your warranty or could put you in violation of your state's emissions laws.

Any advice or recommendations found in these web pages should not be applied in your situation unless you have a thorough understanding of the consequences and are willing to accept responsibility for that action. Neither The Diesel Page® nor the author of any article or individual web page can be held responsible for errors, omissions, or misapplied procedures. We try our very best to ensure the accuracy of everything you read here, but errors or omissions can occur either in the printed form or in your application.

Your responsibility is to ensure you understand the methods and procedures talked about in these web pages. This includes all appropriate laws, local ordinances and especially vehicle safety.

The information presented here does not reflect an official position of any of the listed diesel component suppliers or any division of the General Motors Corporation.

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